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Interior Design Package 'Easy solution'

This basic package is for you if you are looking for an easy and affordable solution for your interior, if you want to create a beautiful home but not ready to spend a fortune on it!

With a sketchy design approach I can help with the most critical questions - which items and materials will suit you best, how they should look, what size they should be, how to place them, how to combine them and where to buy them.

This package includes:

- Figuring out which furniture items you need, its shapes and sizes.

- Creating the perfect layout of your room/home, optimising the space and flow.

- Choosing style, colours and materials which go well together and add your personal touches to your interior.

As a result you get:

  • 2D layout plan of your room

  • Moodboard featuring out the style, colours, materials, furniture and the main accessorie

  • List of links to purchase the items.


This package costs 550 CHF for the interior design project for one room (more than 10 m2) and 400 for a small place like entrance zone or a toilet (less than 10m2). 

Two proposal revisions are included.

And you get 10% off when ordering a project for more than 2 rooms or a whole property.

Creation of a home of your dream can be easy and fun,

when you get a clear guidance!

Just contact me now and get ready to enjoy the process!


If you're just looking for some guidance,

reassurance or would like a quick resolution to a problem,

I can also help you based on an hourly rate of CHF 99.

This is perfect if you need only to refresh an existing interior

or to choose the paint colour for walls, or select a window treatment.


In addition I can provide you with the following services:

- 3D drawings and wall elevations to help you visualize the space

- Detail design for finishing materials (walls, floors, doors, etc.)

- Detail design for kitchen, bathroom, storage and other modular furniture

- Detail design for bespoke furniture (like TV wall units or home office/study spaces).

- Sourcing for more options and suppliers of materials and items

- Lighting scenario with technical drawing

I provide you the cost for these additional services by your request

and it will depend on each specific case.

Contact me today and let's see together how I can help you!

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