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  • Olga Kuzmina

How to decorate a Christmas tree

It’s already there - this magic time of miracles, festive lights and Christmas decor. If you haven't decorated your Christmas tree yet and are wondering how to make it lovely and special this time, here are some tips!

  • First, think about the place to put it - it should have enough space around, have good visibility and not be on the way.

  • Consider the size - it should be big enough to be visible however not overwhelming.

  • Real or artificial, a tree should have a good volume and a triangle shape.

  • A tree decor is to suit the style and colour scheme of your place.

  • Start from the lights - move down from the top touching every major branch. The amount of lights - the more the better (the reco is min 100 lights per meter of tree).

  • For decoration items choose matching colours and patterns. If not sure, use one of 3 simple schemes, at the same don’t go too matchy, the variety is key:

  • Red, green and gold with yellow light fit a traditional style

  • Silver, gold and blue or purple with yellow or white LED lights for a winter look

  • White, silver or gold and traditional wooden decorations for rustic look

  • Add texture to your tree - place garlands from the top, round and down.

  • When hanging balls and other decor, start from the inside of the tree. Put plain-colored balls as a base, adding more decorative and expensive stuff later. Hang large balls towards the centre of the tree to give it more depth, and use smaller balls towards the ends of the branches. Distribute them evenly and use different shapes and sizes. If you find a decor item that you like, buy three of them, this will give your tree balance.

  • Hide the “roots” of your tree with paper, tissue or frippery and decorate with matching gift boxes around.

  • For the top - any beautiful and eye-catching, but not heavy, item, starting from a traditional star to any nice object supporting the whole idea and look of your tree.

See some interesting ideas from Pinterest for inspiration . Have fun!!

Happy Christmas and New Year!

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